~ The ultimate guide to knowing your options when it comes to care providers, models of care & support during pregnancy, birth & the postpartum period ~

Are you pregnant and wanting to make sure you have all the vital info about what kind of services are out there and who can help and care for you at different stages of your journey?

Are you feeling uncertain and a little confused about your options and what step to take next?

Maybe you aren’t pregnant yet but plan to have a baby one day, in the near or distant future, and you want some clarity about costs and planning for this stage of your life.

Maybe neither ‘Public or Private’ sounds appealing to you and guess what…..YOU’VE GOT MORE OPTIONS THEN THAT BABY!

Everything I have learnt over the past 5 years from Midwifery and Doula work, I have collated and included in this workshop – so you can have clarity and about who will support you, how you can access the care you want and what’s truly important to you as you bring you baby into the world.

Attending this workshop is an amazing first step in the birth preparation process.

If you want thorough and in-depth information and guidance, this workshop is for you!
(and it isn’t just my biased opinions on everything – it is research based and I share all of those findings with you!)

I created this workshop because I KNOW how important and vital the people are who support you throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth & postpartum!

I find that this aspect of birth preparation is often overlooked and it’s often underestimated how much the place of birth & care providers can impact your birth experience.  A lot of people can also fall through the cracks of the system as well and may not ever be given this kind of information.

This is for you if:

~ You are trying to conceive ~ your on your pregnancy planning journey ~ you are currently pregnancy and your feeling confused/overwhelmed/want to know your options ~ your a doula or health care provider ~ you had a previous traumatic birth ~ you want to have a positive birth experience ~ you want to achieve a physiological birth with no interventions ~


What model of care, care provider & birth team options are available to you

The pros & cons to each option

What the ‘Gold Standard’ of maternity care is

& how to access it

Why carefully selecting your team is SO important

– Rough costings for each option

What the research says about care providers & outcomes

Your RIGHTS when it comes to your providers

I also touch on….

– Your rights when it comes to your providers
– Some explorative journal prompts for you to work through
– And I provide you with a great list of questions to ask your care providers when you’re meeting with them – so you can get a really good understanding of who they are, what their values are and if their care will suit your needs.

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