Do you have a deep rooted desire to birth in a certain way?
Have you previously been affected by our current healthcare system?
(I know I have!)

Perhaps you’ve had a previous traumatic birth and want to heal your experience this time round.
Are you are extremely motivated and proactive in living out the experiences that you desire (and deserve!)?

Are you ready to:

  • Explore your options & find what works best for you
  • Work through any fears that might be holding you back 
  • Overcome conflicting advice by tuning into your intuition, body & baby
  • Feel confident about making choices that align with the birth you are working to achieve
  • Have an abundance of knowledge and resources to help you along the way
  • Challenge the status quo of maternal care


I am SO excited for you to embark on this journey.

Despite what you might often hear and the negative stories people might tell you, and despite our maternity system desperately needing to change, a positive birth IS POSSIBLE and it starts here!

With radical support throughout your journey, having lots of knowledge behind you, knowing your options, knowing your rights and being well prepared for the roadblocks and challenges you may come up against.

I work with you so you are prepared and feel confident to stand up for what you want and to voice the care that you need.


  • I hold space for you as you transcend through the journey of birth.
  • I stand beside you and respect whatever it is you need.
  • I will help you to prepare for a nestled and cosy postpartum.
  • I will be present for you in whatever arises.

many women feel as though they are just another number being pushed through the system,

Many women look for continuity and individualised support throughout this experience.

That is exactly why I left Midwifery to do this work.

Your experiences matter!
And I want to be there for you so you don’t feel alone in this journey.

I know what the system is like…

Its daunting, nerve racking, confusing and might feel like you don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you aren’t so quick to trust the health care system based on past experiences,

Maybe you want to challenge standard care because you recognise that one approach won’t work for everyone.
Maybe you want a familiar face along your journey.
Maybe you aren’t even 100% sure WHY you want a doula, but intuitively you know the value it will bring!

We can do the work YOU need to help you to prepare for birth, find the right care providers, debunk any fears, work through previous experiences, find clarity in anything that seems hazy plus so much more.

I work to cater to your individual needs (and that of your partners/family) and find the resources and people that you require in order to feel at ease, make your own decisions and unleash your power.

I believe you are the expert of YOU and no one knows your body and

your baby the way you do.

Pregnancy Support:

This time is all about getting comfortable wit one another while also preparing for birth, breastfeeding and postpartum!
I get to understand you and what it is you are truely hoping to achieve.  I provide you with prompts, gifts, resources and wholehearted support as you work through decisions and planning.
Sessions cover topics such as; knowing your rights in birth, what promote physiological birth, how to set up the birth space, active birth positions, pain relief options and the benefits and risks, preparing for breastfeeding and how to have the best possible start, what effects breastfeeding, main challenges that you may come up against, postpartum planning, preparing for life after the baby arrives…plus so much more!

I am a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and a resource for you and your family.

We will be in communication regularly and meet up as many times as you require.
I indulge you with your favourite treats, foot rubs and whatever else it is you need to relax.
I listen to your fears and worries or jump for joy in excitement with you…It’s like having a birth bestie – who wouldn’t want someone who is super invested in your experience to talk about all this stuff with!

Labour and Birth Support:

I doula you through this transformative time by holding space for you, working with you and using my knowledge and skills to facilitate birth.
One contraction at a time, altering my support to whatever it is you need…perhaps thats a hand to hold, a hip squeeze, a reminder of your strength or merely a presence in the room that makes you feel SAFE.
I use my doula tool kit to help you work through pain, find relief in different positions and 
I doula your partner too so as he/she can be your main support person.
I am well versed in reading the room and tapping into the vortex of the birthing persons needs so as you don’t have to tap out.

Postpartum Support:

This time is all about honouring the newborn mother!  Worshipping your strength and celebrating the transition.
I am there to care for YOU so you can be fully present as your care for, bond with and breastfeed your baby.


I ensure you have the right support in place and that you’re being true to your boundaries.
Often mothers feel abandoned by the system during this time, the two in home visits with the midwives are over and your back to deal with the struggles and sleepless nights alone…This doesn’t have to be you!
I am there for emotional support, to do the dreaded chores and make sure your fridge is filled with nutritious meals and snacks to keep you fuelled during the long nights or cluster feeding sessions.
Pampering you with beautiful baths, alone time, time with your partner or catching up on sleep and knowing your baby is cared for and safe….I am there for whatever you need.

You went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable post partum but also passed on a wealth of knowledge so going into birth we were equipped and also excited.
Your presence at birth helped me feel so confident! You were so calm and so helpful. You truly have a gift for this work and feel very lucky to have had you share this beautiful experience with us. You are a healer and your passion and enthusiasm shines through in all you do. Thank you so much for holding this space for us; your an angle Hannah xxx

Pip Varney

My experience with Hannah was wonderful and more than what I anticipated in many ways. Being my first pregnancy, I wasn't completely sure what to expect from a Doula, but had a firm idea of what I wanted which I think made my relationship with Hannah so easy and comfortable. I came to Hannah with a fair amount of my own research and education on birth, but also felt at ease asking questions and seeking her opinion and advice, simply because she was knowledgeable and open to discussing all topics or concerns that I raised along the way. Hannah helped me to feel confident about my birth plan, growing body, emotional ups and downs, diet and encouraged my own mama-intuition when making decisions around my baby's well being. I would describe Hannah as having a warm feminine energy, genuinely caring, loving, supportive, gentle and honest. I'm so happy that my husband, myself and my new baby have forged a positive, nurturing and healthy relationship with her.

Karina Piper

You will receive so much more than you could possibly imagine or understand, especially emotionally. As a first time mum You have no idea what to expect and having a familiar face to share in the birthing room, in one of the most vulnerable and powerful times of your life, is an invaluable service to engage to share with Hannah. I felt safely held and seen to birth in my magnificent strength and power and Hannah always had my back the whole way through.

Ilkay Dere


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