I’m Hannah!!

I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula based in Melbourne’s Inner West.
I am an avid traveler and freedom seeker, serious empath and creative soul with an inner strength and passion for all things self-discovery, deep connection, deconstructing outdated societal norms and, of course, the power of birth!

I am a social being that craves connection, welcomes change and enjoys challenging myself. Although being snuggled up in bed with a good book, having quality alone time is also my jam (hello introverted, extrovert).

I found my way into the world of birth work when I began a degree in Midwifery.

It was here that I fell in love with birth and was exposed to the beauty and power of working with birthing people and their families.

But after three years as a student Midwife I began to realise that I was not doing the work that I was called to do.


Midwifery within the system did not trust the connection that women have with their bodies, their babies, their instincts and intuition.

It lacked continuity and connection between care providers and the the birthing person.

It didn’t feel right being part of a tiny snippet of a woman’s journey, never having met her before and probably never seeing her again.  Connecting with women, understanding their needs and how they want to feel on their journey, working towards that and following them through into motherhood is much more soul fulfilling and beneficial for the family.

I value health in all aspects; mental, spiritually, emotional, not just physical.

Too often the spiritual element of birth would be dismissed as well as the mothers traumatic experiences and
the huge transition that happens in order to birth a baby and herself as a mother.

I was witnessing trauma, a detrimental hierarchy and birthing people being disempowered as they were not given the opportunity to make their own decisions.


I felt so restricted by hospital guidelines and protocols that I really felt it got in the way of birthing people being in control of their own care and their own birthing experiences.

Instead of it being about what the birthing person needs and centring the care around her, it became about what is protocols and what’s stated in the guidelines.

“Instead of it being about what the birthing person needs and centering the care around her, it became about what is protocol and what’s stated in the guidelines.”

I struggled with the societal pressure of ‘just get a qualification behind you’ and ‘a degree gives you more opportunities’ etc.
I also juggled with thoughts that completely consumed me; to leave would mean I have no purpose, I’d be a huge failure.
But, I was going against my values and philosophies by working in the hospital system and my health was being compromised.

So I finally found the courage to let it go. I soon found Doula work, something I had always pushed away but really it was everything that is needed in the birth world today and it’s the missing link that women search for.
Along with becoming a Doula, came a wild journey of self-exploration, understanding my worth, working through my trauma, honouring and finding ways to radically love and understand myself in order to continue in this work.

I want to help change the current culture of birth.

That starts outside the system – educating, supporting, trusting, honouring and celebrating women and birthing people so as they find the courage and personal power to demand what it is they need to birth, breastfeed and mother their babies.

The saying goes ‘Peace on Earth begins with Birth’ so let’s do our part to heal birth culture. For our daughters and our daughter’s daughters.

Client Love

You went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable post partum but also passed on a wealth of knowledge so going into birth we were equipped and also excited.
Your presence at birth helped me feel so confident! You were so calm and so helpful. You truly have a gift for this work and feel very lucky to have had you share this beautiful experience with us. You are a healer and your passion and enthusiasm shines through in all you do. Thank you so much for holding this space for us; your an angle Hannah xxx

Pip Varney

My experience with Hannah was wonderful and more than what I anticipated in many ways. Being my first pregnancy, I wasn't completely sure what to expect from a Doula, but had a firm idea of what I wanted which I think made my relationship with Hannah so easy and comfortable. I came to Hannah with a fair amount of my own research and education on birth, but also felt at ease asking questions and seeking her opinion and advice, simply because she was knowledgeable and open to discussing all topics or concerns that I raised along the way. Hannah helped me to feel confident about my birth plan, growing body, emotional ups and downs, diet and encouraged my own mama-intuition when making decisions around my baby's well being. I would describe Hannah as having a warm feminine energy, genuinely caring, loving, supportive, gentle and honest. I'm so happy that my husband, myself and my new baby have forged a positive, nurturing and healthy relationship with her.

Karina Piper

You will receive so much more than you could possibly imagine or understand, especially emotionally. As a first time mum You have no idea what to expect and having a familiar face to share in the birthing room, in one of the most vulnerable and powerful times of your life, is an invaluable service to engage to share with Hannah. I felt safely held and seen to birth in my magnificent strength and power and Hannah always had my back the whole way through.

Ilkay Dere

Acknowledgement of the land:

I acknowledge that I live and work on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations. I pay respect to the elders past, present and emerging. I recognise their continuing connection to the land, water and community.

Language & Inclusivity:

I recognise that not all birthing people present and/or identify as women. For the consistency of equality of expression on this platform, the terms women and birthing people will be used. This is with the intention of all gender identities being celebrated, and in line with my personal philosophy of everyone having the right to feel safe/accepted.

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